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As many of you will have heard from the media, India is in lockdown and it’s having a major impact on the poor. EducAid India is in touch with local NGOs and has offered to provide urgent financial support to the communities adjacent to our ongoing projects in rural West Bengal and Kolkata.

For example, on an ongoing basis, through an agency called Towards Future, we pay the salaries of 2 teachers at a small school just east of Kolkata where the community is largely made up of redundant farm workers whose livelihood has been taken away by rapidly spreading urbanisation.  Closeby is a brickworks employing itinerant workers who have been laid off due to Covi-19 leaving 180 families destitute. Towards Future have launched an appeal to provide subsistence level food. 5kg of rice, 1kg of Dal pulse, 1kg of onion 3kg of potato and 500gm mustard oil will feed a family of  3 for a week. If there are 6 family members they will provide double rations. 

As of 16th April 2020 we have sent Rs250000 (about £2,500) which will feed 20 families for around a month but we need to send more. We’re also hoping to support the villages of Beldih and Konkiahra where we’ve fully funded the construction of 2 schools teaching over 400 children some of the poorest communities in The World.

We know that many of you have already very generously to EducAid India and that some of you will be worried about your own finances in these unusual times however we’re reaching out to ask to you consider making a one-off donation now to enable us to feed more families and for as long as we can. Even a £5 donation will feed a family of 4 for a week. If you are eligible for Gift Aid, your donation will go even further.